From the Desk of Co-Founder, Odessa Bailey

On July 4, 1972 at 5:00 am, a new phenomenon in radio began in the Shoals... the WZZA Saga. As there was no Black media outlet in this North Alabama area, we felt the time was right to start this venture, to be able to offer a much-needed service to the people of this area.  We stepped out on faith on a journey that led us into the world of radio ownership.

With Mr. Bailey’s vision and the help of five local businessmen who invested in this venture (with the stipulation that we retain the majority ownership with the option to buy them out when it was expedient for us to do so), the birth of Muscle Shoals Broadcasting, Inc. became a reality. We were fortunate, against all odds, to be able to exercise the option to buy them out in less than two years, thus becoming a family owned operation. Entertainer James Brown had suggested to Mr. Bailey that he should start a radio operation for this area, and although this urging from Mr. Brown helped to spur the idea along, the wheels were already in motion to do so.  Having worked in both radio and television, Mr. Bailey had long held a vision of owning a radio station.  With his vision, and my thoughts, ideas and support, and much prayer and what resources we had available, we stepped out on faith and the birth of Muscle Shoals Broadcasting, Inc., became a reality.
Bob and Odessa Bailey

In a few short years, our children were brought on board and taught all phases of the business and operation from the ground up, and they continued working with the business through their college graduations.  Our daughter returned to the area to handle the business after my retirement and the loss of Mr. Bailey.  The rest is history!

We had the opportunity to work with many people throughout the years and were blessed to be able to help our fellowman in so many areas, not only financially, but by way of informing and entertaining.  It has been a wonderful forty plus year journey, although sometimes uphill, but wonderful nonetheless.  With our listeners’ continued prayers and support and the family's diligence and trust in God, we shall continue to do what we do best – Edu-tain.

Thank you all and God Bless!

Mrs. Odessa Bailey
Co-Founder, WZZA Muscle Shoals Broadcasting