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WZZA Radio Station is owned and operated by Muscle Shoals Broadcasting, and serves the Shoals area, which includes Lauderdale and Colbert counties. WZZA’s coverage also includes a large portion of Franklin County to the south, Lawrence County to the east, and west to Tishomingo County, Mississippi.

WZZA’s format includes gospel, blues, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B, all of which is day-parted to most effectively serve the market with unduplicated musical programming. Other programming includes a daily public affairs program during which a wide variety of guests, including attorneys, judges, mayors, councilmen, commissioners, teachers, businessmen, doctors, health care providers, city workers, bankers, financial advisors, congressmen and other office holders, religious leaders, non-profit agencies, civic and social organizations, and other citizens appear to discuss topics ranging from education, recreation, health, welfare, religion, relationships, law, politics, finance, economics, and more to hot topics in today’s news.

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Read: Governor Ivy's COVID-19 Order

August 25th Elections

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is more important than ever to get applications for absentee voting filled out and turned in. EVERYONE can vote absentee this year in both the City and General elections by selecting "reason two". We have applications available for those who need them.

The deadline is fast approaching for the August 25th election for mayors and council members. There is not much time to get the applications to the voter who fills it out and returns it to the City Clerk, who will then have to mail the actual ballot to the voter, which must also be returned to the City Clerk. Please note that some of the city halls are only open by appointment. Call them to have an application mailed or check with them about whether in person voting in advance will be allowed.

Please be clear: the application for absentee ballots for municipal elections (which is when we will elect our Mayor and Council members and in some cases city school board members) is NOT the same as the application for the November General Election (which is when we will elect our President, Vice President, Congress (Senate/House), County Commissioners, and County Superintendents. The application for municipal elections can be obtained from the CITY clerks. The applications for the November General Election can be obtained from the COUNTY clerks.

Please be aware that both the Application, and then later the Ballot, MUST be mailed in separately for each person. Example, a husband and wife who live in the same house cannot mail theirs in the same envelope, even though it is going to the same courthouse address. Each application, and each ballot, much be mailed in a separate envelope and must have its own stamp or it will be invalid.

Please call WZZA if you have questions or concerns, or if you need assistance.

Municipal Candidates